Deck the Halls with Safety Policies: Writing Your Health and Safety Statement for Winter

Stay ahead of the frostbite with Arlington Safety Consultants.

As the festive lights twinkle and the winter chill sets in, it’s crucial for businesses to not let safety take a backseat during the holiday rush. At Arlington Safety Consultants, we understand that the season’s merriment comes with its unique set of workplace safety challenges. This is why we’re dedicated to helping you craft a comprehensive Health and Safety Statement tailored for winter’s specific needs.

The Importance of a Seasonal Health and Safety Statement

Winter weather can introduce risks ranging from slips on icy surfaces to the proper use of space heaters. A well-defined Health and Safety Statement not only ensures compliance with the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 but also demonstrates your commitment to your employees’ welfare during this season.

What Should Your Winter Health and Safety Statement Include?

  • Risk Assessment for Winter Hazards: Identify potential winter hazards such as icy walkways or inadequate lighting during shorter days.
  • Preventative Measures: Outline the steps you’re taking to mitigate risks, including salt application schedules or providing personal protective equipment.
  • Emergency Protocols: Update your emergency plans to include winter-specific scenarios like heating failures or snow-ins.
  • Employee Training: Detail any winter safety training sessions or resources you’re providing to staff.

How Arlington Safety Consultants Can Help

Our expert team at Arlington Safety Consultants offers bespoke consultancy services to ensure your business is prepared for winter. From writing method statements to conducting safety audits, we help you maintain a safe and compliant workplace.

  • Tailored Onsite Training: We provide training that’s adapted to the unique challenges winter presents, ensuring your team knows how to handle seasonal hazards.
  • Accreditation Guidance: We assist in achieving accreditations that reflect your dedication to safety, such as CHAS and ISO standards.
  • Continuous Support: Our consultancy services are designed to offer support throughout the winter months and beyond, adapting to any new legislation or guidelines.


Preparing your Health and Safety Statement for winter doesn’t have to be a daunting task. With Arlington Safety Consultants, you can ensure that your company is not only compliant but also showcases a culture of care and foresight. Let’s make this winter season safe and festive for everyone!

For more information on how to “Deck the Halls with Safety,” contact Arlington Safety Consultants today – your partner in seasonal safety.

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