Arlington Safety

Consultancy Services

We can advise your Company on any aspects of Heath and Safety helping to minimise any risks within your organisation.

health and safety consultancy services

Our services:

Arlington Safety Consultants can offer your Company a package to suit your needs that can start from as low as £95 per month (Minimum Contract 12 Months).

Our advice would:

  • Be specific to the risks in your workplace – generic advice often fails to identify and control key risks, and it can be difficult to identify risks unless we visit your workplace.

  • It would be based on our knowledge and experience of your industry and processes.

  • We would concentrate on practical action to control significant risks, not over-respond to trivial risks.

  • We would recommend control measures that are reasonably practicable.

  • We would not generate paperwork for the sake of it.

Please contact us to discuss our services that can be tailor made for your Company so that you can minimise the risk within your organisation.

Other services we offer

accreditation courses UK
Accreditation Certifications

Helping your Company gain accreditations that will show your customers that you are serious about the Health and Safety.

health and safety training courses
Onsite Training & E-leaning Courses

We can adapt all your training requirements making them more user friendly for your employees whether you need one to one or a larger classroom.